Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Highs and Lows

In yet another annual tradition, here's the highlights and lowlights of 2011

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3. A handful of teeth issues (root canal, crowns, etc.) that were somewhat annoying to deal with. But, all seems to be going much smoother now.

2. Getting in a car accident and totalling the car.

1. Coming up short of my goals in my two marathons in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.


4. The Pirates' and their memorable relevance for more than half a season.

3. The many fun trips: HHI, NOLA, NoCal, Kona.

2. Career victory #2 on the 4th of July and doing a fun summer of four new 5k's (Homeless 5k, Hampton 4th of July, Junkyard Jaunt, and St. Barnabas).

1. The positives out of the marathons. In spite of not hitting my time goals, so many great things like helping others do their first full marathon, half marathon, and in some cases first road race (as part of a relay). Also, through so many generous people, we raised nearly $2,000 for two different charities I was involved in. Thank you so much!

So, again, a very blessed year. It seems like the "lows" (which are very relative to many people's situations) all had silver linings. The culmination of the dental work was when I won a 5k. As I outlined, all of the awesome things around the marathon.

So, time to move on to 2012 and more adventures!


Beth said...

Here's to many more highs than lows in 2012! :)

Steve said...

2 marathons in a year and staying healthy is a good year, even if you don't hit your time. I have a feeling you will hit it this year though. That would be so great, because you have definitely put in a lot of time for the goal.

I have a feeling my White Sox are going to stink it up this year. They are rebuilding though, and picking up young pitchers. Hope it is a quick rebuild, not like the 100+ years the Cubs have been rebuilding. :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

Overall, a great year! YOU will get that marathon PR, Oscar....don't give up!

Happy New Year!

A new year for the Cubs too! (lol)