Thursday, January 19, 2012

Made It! a new PR of number of blogs to start the year (19)

...but, perhaps more newsworthy, made it home with the snow. Now, this wasn't as bad as
the President's Day disaster last winter. However, the roads were not cooperative.

To back up, at track practice, we were able to get the majority of the workout for both the sprinters and distance guys done on the track as the snow began to fall. The final few laps of the distance group's workout were on a snow-covered track, but it wasn't too bad. I look to the roads by the track and the high school and they were just wet. No snow.

Tonight, we had a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting scheduled, so I was sticking around until the 7pm meeting. As we were leaving practice, I told the student leader that if the roads get bad, let's cancel and be safe. Snow brings out a more cautious, conservative, and worrisome me than usual.

So, I'm up in my room doing some odds and ends with appointments and grading and peak out the window and see that the road between the high school and the tennis court was still just wet. I go out to leave, brush off my car, and turn onto the main road in front of the high school and I was shocked. The roads were slushy and slick. Our HS Maintenance Facility tricked me by doing such an awesome job of clearing the snow from the roads on campus. I should've known because I can always count on them on snowy mornings to have the road loop around the school clear for a run.

So, I make it to Chick-Fil-A (albeit slowly) and find that no one is there. I was relieved because I didn't want the kids to risk driving out in the snow. I checked in with the leader and he confirmed that he contacted the other students and cancelled the meeting. I figured since I was there and hadn't eaten yet I might as well get my dinner and stick around in case anybody missed the message and showed up. Fortunately none of the kids did, so I finished my meal and made my way towards home.

If anything, the wait allowed some of the traffic to thin out and let the road crews do their thing. I popped in my
Cornerstone Worship CD (our church's own CD they released a few months back) to accompany me on the way home. I like having some praise music while I'm driving in adverse weather. Not that it will guarantee I won't slide around or that I won't get in an accident (just like Tim Tebow's faith didn't guaranteed any wins), but it helps keep me relaxed and at peace knowing that God will work it out.

Things went pretty smooth to downtown and up Route 28 until about Blawnox. From there, I had to slow down a little. Once up past Harmarville, the roads were white, but not too slick. So, after going about 20mph the rest of the way home, I made it in one piece.

In the meantime, Beth was trudging around in the snow doing a running workout and made it back to the house in one piece, too.

I hope everybody else stayed safe in this weather and also for the alleged weather we're supposed to get Friday night-Saturday morning.

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Christy Crummy said...

This weather is soo fluky this winter! One day it's 55 degrees and rainy and the next it's 17 and snowy! I guess we shouldn't complain too much though, we have had a fairly mild winter so far...I'll take it!
I miss the good ol' FCA days!! Fun times! Although we had our meetings at 5:40am, before the start of school(and for hs students, that was considered early) LOL...
Praise and worship music is the BEST! Always gets my day started off on a good note! I pretty much know all those songs from your church's CD! LOVE them all!
Have a great weekend!! Enjoy the snow!