Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Weekend

Here's an "exciting" timeline since Friday:

*Leave track practice
*Meet Beth at Qdoba for $5 Friday Burritos
*Go home and clean the upstairs
*Beth goes for her 2nd swim of the day while I catch up on Hawaii 5-0
*Go to bed around 10pm

*Wake up around 5:45
*Walk dog
*4 mile run
*Get ready and leave for track meet in Edinboro a little before 8am
*Make the trek up I-79 to Edinboro...a couple of inches of snow north of I-80

*A quick stop at Tim Horton's for some Timbits to consume later in the day

*Set up camera and computer timing system before 11am
*Start meet and record times with DP from USC until a little after 8pm (thank goodness for the 3000m and the longer relays to give us time to eat a little and quick pitstops)

*Make the trek home with a stop at the Sheetz in Grove City for dinner around 9:30 (turkey sub and least it was kind of healthy)
*Get home before 11pm

*Wake up around 5:45
*Fuel with a bagel & PB for the long run
*Walk dog
*20-mile run
*Go with Beth to the JCC to swim/lift (Our lucky day - free day for "outsiders")
*Lunch at Brueggers
*Drive to REI Robinson for PTC clinic (where Beth and Chad were speaking)
*PTC Clinic

*Dinner and grocery shopping at Market District (Pizza = yum!)
*Drive home
*Talk to parents

Whew! Okay, time to get ready for the next week.

I'm pumped because we're going to be heading to HHI on Friday. I'll be there for the weekend. Beth will be there for a few weeks for a winter training camp.

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Beth said...

And no Timbits brought back for me. Sad clown.