Thursday, January 26, 2012

Groundbreaking and Unveiling

At school, we had our groundbreaking ceremony for the upcoming renovations. These have been a few years in the making, so it is exciting to see the project starting.

I saw on the web that the Pittsburgh Marathon has unveiled its revised course:

The reason for needing a revised course is that the Pirates are playing home games that weekend. The Pirates organization petitioned MLB to have away games that weekend, but they denied their request. Funny, Boston seems to get their request of a home game every Patriots' Day. Anyway, due to that, the race can't have it's highly efficient and logistical dream of finishing on the North Shore between PNC Park and Heinz Field. So, it's going to finish downtown near the point like the Great Race. I'll be excited to see the mile markers go up and to start getting out on the course.

As far as the training. Week 1 was 53 miles, week 2 was 56 miles. Week 3 was 58 miles. And I'm on pace, assuming the long run goes well, for breaking the 60 mile barrier this week. I had my first "speed" workout since before the Harrisburg Marathon, so that was exciting. I did 7x1000 with a minute rest (was supposed to do 8, but was running out of time to be able to get into the school and shower before homeroom). They were supposed to be in 3:45 (6:00 pace). The first one was ugly and was right around 4:00. Ugh! But, the rest went well: 3:46, 3:44, 3:44, 3:41, 3:42, and 3:37 on the last one.

We have our first high school indoor track meet. Looking like the snow's going to cooperate. Excited to see all the athlete's hard work pay off.

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Steve said...

The mileage is great, especially with your crazy schedule.

Keep up the great work!!