Saturday, January 7, 2012

Life vs Choice

Every January our church has a weekend where they talk about Pro-life and abortion. This was our weekend in preparation for the March for Life in Washington DC later in the month. Here's a post I did from 2 years ago that included information about Michael Clancy-the USA Today photographer who took the photo of the baby's hand reaching out of the womb.

This year's guest speaker did not disappoint. Her name was Lila Rose and she is a 23-year-old who founded what has now grown into a nationwide Pro-Life group called
Live Action.

An interesting statistic I heard tonight was from a
Gallup Poll conducted in 2010. It stated that more Americans surveyed identified themselves as "Pro-life" instead of "Pro-Choice."

One of the reasons I believe that the shift is occurring to more of Pro-life views is technology and information. The specific details can be seen so much more readily today via the internet. Lila Rose and her group did some undercover investigations into Planned Parenthood and posted videos onto Youtube. Information I believe helps people see that this is killing a life. I heard on the radio this week that many Democratic politicians are trying to tiptoe the issue saying that they personally don't believe in abortion, but don't want to limit individual's choices. In most cases I would agree that the government shouldn't step in to prevent individual choice. However, when it comes to life, people should not have that option to end it.

So, that's my feelings on a heavy topic. I'll leave you with a neat story about someone who was almost aborted that has already done amazing things in spite of only being in his early 20's. A guy that the Steelers are going to face tomorrow by the name of
Tim Tebow.

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