Sunday, January 8, 2012

Not This Year

Beth's mom is here and we're playing Scrabble now that the big playoff game is over. I'm blogging on the phone while playing (and not doing well with either).

The Steelers' playoff run came to an abrupt end in Denver. There is going to be a lot of sad people tomorrow in the 'burgh. The Tim Tebow legend lives on.

In other news we celebrated Christmas with Beth's mom's side of the family yesterday afternoon. Good food and a new Serbian tradition that was reintroduced. It involved a coin that was baked into a cake. A male representative from each family spun it around and then we each broke off a piece and the one with the coin would have good luck for the year.

Merry Christmas to all of those celebrating the Serbian day!


Beth said...

1) I totally crushed you in Scrabble.

2) Oh how I wished you got the piece with the coin in it!!! :)

Steve said...

Merry 2nd Christmas. I forget Beth's family does a different Christmas. Recognizes a different calender or something I assume.

Better luck next time in Scrabble.