Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10-10-10 well on its way

Thanks for the awesome people who have supported the Running for Laptops so far! I am now past halfway in meeting my overall fundraising goal but I hope to blow past it in the upcoming month.

My short-term goal is to get 10 people to donate $5-$10 by February 10th.

Thus "10-10-10"

If you can help, click here.

Here's a story from one of the amazing students you could possibly be supporting. I've edited it a little to avoid specifics.

I have been in foster care for the past five years.......My favorite activities include going to school for criminal justice which is my major and psychology which is my minor.....My chosen career is to either be a detective or to work in a treatment facility for adolescents. The reason I chose these careers are.... I see the effects have on kids and I want to help. I know how they feel and I want to give them opportunities I never had. The kids in the facilities are just that, kids. They see the drugs/alcohol solve their parent's problems, and so they believe that they will also solve their problems. I want to put them on the right track. When I was placed into foster care it was the best thing that has and could have happened in my circumstances, but not everyone is that lucky. This is my time to pay it forward. I want to show them there is a light at the end of the tunnel of darkness. I want to show them that they can also make a difference if they believe in their dreams. I hope you select me for a laptop, because yes I have access at school to a computer but not when I need to do work at home. I want to make a difference and you can help.

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