Saturday, January 14, 2012

Home Day

With the track meet being cancelled, you would think there would be time today to write a longer blog. But after sleeping in, running, eating lunch, taking a nap, cleaning the house, going to church, and watching the US Olympic Marathon Trials it's after 10pm already.

So, here's another quick entry.

Great finish to the SF-NO game. Both offenses didn't back down in the 4th quarter. Not sure if Tim Tebow can bring back the Broncos down this much. It was a good run and he is still an amazing person.

Joe Paterno was interviewed by Sally Jenkins in the Washington Post. I am so impressed with him. He's still the same person - honest, genuine, and quick-witted. I hope that when all the dust settles and all of the facts are out, people realize what a great man he has always been.

Amazing races at the Marathon Olympic trials. Congrats to all who made it. They all looked so strong. Also, too bad for Dathan Ritzenhein and Amy Hastings for just missing out in 4th. That is really rough. It was neat seeing Beth's former teammate Donna (Fidler) Palisca as the men passed her with a few miles to go. Her 15 seconds of fame! Finally, to Tom Hammonds - use less makeup next time and do a little more studying up on announcing marathons before the Olympics.

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