Wednesday, January 11, 2012

L-O-S-T in Lebo

As a map guru this is painful and humbling to admit, but for about 20 minutes on my run this morning I had NO CLUE where I was and whether I was going North/South/East/West. Fortunately, when you're doing a 90-minute run, you have plenty of time to finally recognize where you are and head back in the right direction. Charlie (and other Lebo people) will understand where I was....and be so disappointed in me.

I wanted to merge together a few shorter loops into a long one since I was going longer. So, my plan was to take Cope's Cabana (as in Myron) and then slide over into a McGowan and perhaps a Beverly to make a loop around the district. Knowing that Cope's involved cutting through some woods and it was still dark out I knew I would have to modify it. So, the thought was to just go along Connor Road but I saw that it had no sidewalk, no light, and no shoulder. So, back over another way and I *thought* it would take me essentially parallel to Connor.

However, no road in our district is straight (and flat for that matter), so I rolled up and down and around on a road I usually don't run on. I come to an intersection at Vermont Ave and decide to turn right. When I did this, I plunged into my black hole. For the first few minutes, I thought it was amusing and wasn't concerned since I still had about an hour left. But, after about 15 minutes and still not recognizing of the townhouses lining the street and it being dark out, I was starting to think about retracing my steps.

Finally, I pop out by the t-rail tracks and an intersection with Route 88 (it was so dark and I was so turned around that I didn't even realize this was where Connor Road met 88). So, North or South on 88? The sign said going south would take me to South Park in 2 miles. If I go north I would be in Pittsburgh's city limits in 6 miles. I chose north. I saw a sign that said welcome to Castle Shannon. Not bad, that's the next district over.

Then, I decided to get off 88 back over the t-tracks and saw St. Anne's Church. I don't believe I was ever past it before but I've heard some of the kids mention they went there. So, I go up this way and finally see a sign that says "Welcome to Mt. Lebanon." This is good since all places in the district are about 2 miles or less from the high school (we're a "walking" district--no buses). But, the funny part is that I still had NO CLUE where I was.

Finally, from Rockwood I run into the intersection of Hoodridge and, not until this point, did I know exactly where I was on the McGowan loop. I look at my watch and I am now 45 or so minutes into my run. So, if you do the math, I was "lost" for about 15 or 20 minutes. Pretty entertaining considering I was less than three miles from the high school the entire time.

Maybe this means I need to get more sleep, eat more before I run in the morning, or just map out my runs better.

For those that know the area, below is the route I took (I did a mile around the school at the end). Try not to laugh too much at my misfortune.


Beth said...

And you left out the part about seeing a FOX! :)

Christy Crummy said...

Oh no!! Hahaha...well at least you were able to enjoy some of new sights of the Mt. Lebo area! Although, you were running in the dark, so I am not sure how much "sight" seeing you actually did besides the encounter with the FOX!! I think I might have pee-ed my pants! haha! Oh well, those are some of the stories you will never forget! :)

Wendy said...

Love it and mega respect from a former BP resident.

I'm heading back to the Burgh so the hub can train on the hills in a few weeks, and will likely share this with him.

He (at times) is still befuddled by the navigational methods needed in Pittsburgh (as opposed to grid-based UT).

Good Luck with the season, and perhaps we can get a snow storm or two here, too-- would be nice to shut down DC and miss a few days of school (mid-terms? nah... )