Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Trip to the Beach

Not literally, but figuratively.

That's what I tell the jumpers on the track team when we have an opportunity to do some jumping into the sand outside at the long jump pit during months when there can be several feet of snow on the ground. So, we took advantage of the weather of the past few days and made a trip to the beach today. I'm encouraged that the athletes had a chance to execute a few practice jumps prior to Saturday's first indoor meet. It's always tough to do something technical when you haven't truly practiced it since last May.

'Bama won last night so I'm the picking champ of the Shutt household.

O - 21-14
B - 19-16
Over/Under - 21-13-1

Blog post #10 in a row for the year (11 in a row overall). I'm past halfway to beating last year's streak.

That is all. Time to get to bed before tomorrow morning's 4:15am wakeup call to sneak in a 12-miler.


Steve said...

12 miler tomorrow?? I am calling both Shutt's the winners. I cannot keep up with either of you.

Ya' both are special... or maybe nuts. Still trying to figure that out.

I have to go to bed. Have a good night. :)

Beth said...

I can't believe LSU failed me!! Darn them!!