Friday, January 20, 2012

Pulling for the Birds?

New England or Baltimore? Which one is a fan from Pittsburgh to root for in the AFC Championship game? Both are bitter rivals of the Steelers.

My choice is very clear cut. Without a doubt I want Baltimore to win. Not necessarily to see the Ravens move on to the Super Bowl, but to end the Patriots' season. Not because I don't like Tom Brady or Woodland Hills grad Rob Goronkowski, but because it will allow offensive coordinator (and more importantly new Penn State head coach) to devote his full time to his new job. Hopefully, he'll be able to secure the commitments of current verbal recruits and maybe sneak in a few last-minute additions.

In the NFC Championship, both are good stories. Alex Smith and the 49ers with their thrilling win over New Orleans. Eli Manning doing for Super Bowl ring #2 (twice as many as his brother and father combined).

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