Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Career Post 300

Not an impressive post, but one to keep the streak going. According to the Blogger "Dashboard" this is Post #300. Here was Post #1.

Didn't get a chance to catch the President's State of the Union Address, but I hope it involved ideas for the government spending less than it takes in. I'll have to catch up on it later this week.


Steve said...

Congrats on #300. Ichecked out blog #1, and yep that is definitely your blog.

Sorry I missed yesterdays. I was blogged out.. Not really just kind of blah. When the thing happened to Joe Pa I realized he is/was my favorite all time College Football coach too.

Joe is gone, and well he is Joe, and you are you...among the living. You have goals, and still making your name... As we all are.

Congrats on the streak!! Wooooo!! :)

I'd get into Politics, but it seems like a lost cause, and who can be excited about Mitt and Newt?? I am assuming 4 more years for better or worse...

Beth said...

Wow, can't believe you kept the streak going last night! Impressive Mr. 300! :)