Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome to the Madness!

Well, here we go.....a trip into the blogging world. Who knows how this will go and how often I'll do it, but at least I have a blog now.

The blogging is not the madness that I'm referring to. Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year with the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament getting started. There are just so many games and so many close finishes and a few upsets along the way. It's just so unpredictable.

Who am I rooting for? Well, I've got several answers for that. My favorite college basketball team is the University of Arizona Wildcats. Why does a guy who grew up in Southwestern PA like Arizona? Well, my Aunt moved out to AZ back in the mid 80's, so I've been following U of A since the Sean Elliot, Steve Kerr, and Jud Buechler days.

Who else? Davidson. Why? My dad went there, so I've been following them for the last ten years. They've been close a few times in the NCAA tourney. Maybe they'll pull it out one of these years. Back about ten years ago, they had Robert "Tractor" Traylor and Michigan on the ropes, but couldn't finish it. They've also had Maryland and Ohio State on the ropes in the last few years.

Who do I think is going to win? Who knows.....UNC? UCLA? This year's going to be so wide open. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the next month.

What's the goal of this blog? Again, who knows?!?!?!?!? But, I hope to share my thoughts on sports, my faith, my wife and her triathlon adventures, and my teaching and coaching in high school. We'll see where it goes.

Thanks for checking out the blog and come back to check out my 2008 Pittsburgh Pirates preview. They're my favorite team even though they're on the verge of making history next year with the most consecutive losing seasons. But, there's plenty of time to talk about that down the road.


Jennifer Harrison said...

Welcome to blogging, O!
Ok, how is this one for you...thought I would get you FIRED UP:
Yes, I am a Chicago fan...and go LADY Vols! how is that one for ya? :) Jen H.

Audrey said...

Greetings O! You've been an excellent guest blogger so it's exciting to see you branching into your own space :) Enjoy!

Meghan said...

Hi O!

Uh, go, uh, well, go, uh. Who do I cheer for if there are no professional teams in this part of the world?

Nice to see your new blog!

Pedergraham said...

OK--not a professional sports fan at all, but am a big fan of the title of this post. Are you sure you teach math and not English? Welcome to blogger world.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Welcome to the wonderful BLOG world! Cheers!

As a Badger, I'm a fan of Wisconsin... but am not all that loyal to their basketball team. I grew up watching Indiana and Bob Knight... sad to see the Hoosier loss last night. My Dad was especially upset.

At this point, I'll be happy with a team from the Big 10.

AND - if not that...well... how about a team that sports a 100% graduation rate. THAT sounds the best to me!


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