Saturday, March 22, 2008

Introductions, Easter, Brackets, & Stuff

Okay, now that I've got this thing started, I guess I should write a second time. I'll be up front and say I probably won't be a daily blogger like my wife. But, we'll see where this goes.

First of all, to frame the genre of this blog, let me tell you a little about myself. I have an engineering degree and went back to become a high school math teacher in the Pittsburgh area. I also am an assistant coach for the cross country and track teams. I've got one of those dry personalities and like to throw out sarcasms, so be on the lookout for those.

I grew up in a Baptist church and was involved in youth group. In college, I attended a methodist church and became an adult leader with the youth group (part of the reason I probably ended up teaching high school instead of doing engineering). Now, my wife and I attend an Assembly of God church near our house called Evangel Heights.

Sports is probably the biggest thing in my life. I run with the high school team and my wife who's a pretty good triathlete. In the summers, I play in a fastpitch softball league where I grew up. I mostly play outfield, but I have gotten into pitching over the last few years. I love watching sports and going to games. My favorite teams include:

1. Pittsburgh Pirates
2. Penn State Football
3. University of Arizona Basketball
4. Pittsburgh Steelers
5. Pittsburgh Penguins

Others receiving votes:
Penn State and Davidson College basketball, Altoona Curve (AA team for the Pirates), and running and triathlons.

I love having music in the background when I'm grading or doing workouts. I pretty much only listen to Christian music like: Jeremy Camp, Third Day, Delirious, Skillet, Kutless, Jennifer Knapp, and just about any praise & worship music that rocks. I found this podcast under "" on Itunes and the South Oklahoma City one rocks. The December 2, 2007 worship set is probably my favorite. I'll definitely list others as I find ones I like.

I'm excited about Easter. It's pretty much the reason for our faith. Jesus died for our sins and came back on Sunday. No other religious "leader" makes that kind of claim and there were many eyewitness accounts to verify that Jesus died, but came back and spent time with his followers before ascending to Heaven.

On to the brackets, my first round wasn't very good (Only 22 out of 32), but I only lost one team from the sweet sixteen so far (Clemson) and have my Elite Eight still intact. I'm so excited for Davidson winning their first NCAA tourney game since my dad was there. Back in the late 60's Davidson made it to the Elite Eight.

Okay, this is getting long, so I'll save my Pirates preview and analysis for down the road......

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