Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Track meet #1

Well, we survived our first track meet. We went down/over to Wheeling, WV (a little over an hour away) for the meet. Why go so far for a scrimmage? Apparently it had something to do with us wanting a meet on Tuesday and most of the Pittsburgh area schools being off of school on Monday. The weather cooperated for the most part, it was a little windy and there were some sprinkles at the end, but other than that it was good.

As far as how the jumpers did (again, I'll have to explain why a distance runner is the jumping coach), I'll defer to a comment from the head coach before my first meet as a track coach last spring. He said that at any given meet, there will be some performances that are better than you expected, some about what you expected, and a few that are a little disappointing. So, take it all in stride.

Especially since this was our first meet, his saying held true. A few exciting highlights were a guy tying his PR in the high jump on a cold, blustery day and first meet of the year. And a freshman girl jumping 15 feet on her first time doing the long jump (the jump actually measured 13 feet and change because she feel back on her hand, but we unofficially measured where her feet were). Also, two girls got over 30' in the triple jump. So, all in all, not a bad day.

Workouts for me:

Monday - swim workout without Beth (she had the day off, so she slept in and did her workouts in a different order). 100-100-400-200-100-50. My goal was to do the 100's around 2 minutes and get myself psyched for a PR in the 400. I didn't do it, but was still pleased with my 7:51.

Tuesday - 55 minute run with Beth & Roxy the dog before school.

I still need to get around to the Pirates preview. I talked it through with Beth on Sunday's 90-minute run (she could really care less, but it makes the run go by quicker), so I just need to get it down on paper.

Off to the pool tomorrow before school.


Beth said...

Hey, who says I don't care about the Pirates Preview I get every year?! I care!! (kind of... :)

ojs said...

Yeah right, you care about the Pirates preview about as much as the Penn State Football and Pittsburgh Steeler previews in the late summer.....

By the way, the Pirates made some interesting roster moves today including a trade. I need to sit down and write this preview!!!