Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Daph!

My little sis turned the big 3-0 today. If she's into the old category, what does that make me? O-L-D! (This picture is from like 10 years ago--I realized I don't have any recent pics of her)

In other news, Penn State finished off their season with a whimper. I didn't get to follow much of the game since we are back at school today, but it was probably for the best. Actually, the way the schedule played out, I don't know that I sat down to take in an entire game all season. Oh well, there's always next year. Now the focus is for the Nittany Lions to get the best coach in place to help them move forward from this cloud that Jerry Sandusky has left on the program.

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Steve said...

Penn State is going to have a tough time probably. That stinks, because who doesn't like a strong Penn State team?? You know how some people hate Notre Dame, and this team and that team. You never hear anyone say they hate Penn State. At least in the neck of the woods.

Oh well, happy B'Day to your sis.

Oh and you owe me $100 for me taking the over in the Rose Bowl. ;)