Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Highs and Lows

Ran out of time yesterday, but here are the highs and lows. Last year's can be found here. And 2008 here.

The lows aren't really lows. We've been very blessed. They're more just inconveniences and have silver linings. But, here they are:

1. The week of snow. Can you say cabin fever as we were stuck inside for just about an entire week? It did lead to the video capturing Roxy guarding the house from the mailman, though.

2. Our summer travels where we were stuck on planes trying to get back from Providence and when Beth's eyes were almost falling out on our trip to NC. But, both were great trips, so just minor bumps in the road.

3. The Pirates years of losing turned old enough to vote. 18 years of sub .500 ball and counting. And I was there to witness loss 82. But, the future is beginning to arrive. If only they could find some pitching.

2010 Highs

1. The Kona Experience. The Big Island and the Ironman is truly and event. Beth and all the other Pittsburgher's sure made it a fun trip. Definitely a memorable experience.

2. The summer trips. One of the nice things about triathlons is that you get to go to places you wouldn't otherwise. This year, we went to Maryland (twice), Providence, Durham, Cedar Point, and (of course) Hawaii.

3. Running success. No marathons this year, but I completed my first ever half ironman, almost went sub-17 in a 5k, nearly equaled my 10k PR, and captured my first ever road race victory. I'll be doing the Pittsburgh Marathon in May and will be running to support the Alzheimer's Association.

Happy New Year all!

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Steve said...

That 5K you had was remarkable. Really impressive. I'd say you for sure will get that Marathon sub: 3:00, but I personally witnessed too much to say it is in the bag.

Good Luck though on that. It is a big deal. Not many people get sub: 3:00. I think you learned from one of your favorite bloggers, JPH and your last attempt a Marathon goal is hard. You have a ton of skill. A ton of speed, now everyone hopes nothing gives out before 26.2.

It will be fun watching.

Good Luck this year.

Pirates... I am not going to start rooting for them til 2017, when they get good. :)