Sunday, January 9, 2011

Frigid and Uphill Running

So, the windchill ended up being 3 above. Not much different in feel from last year. I ended up 6th overall and 3rd in my age group. I was 14 seconds slower than last year- 30:24 vs 30:10. Chad had a great race and gapped me early and I couldn't catch him on the last hill. Beth ran a solid race and finished 3rd female. Ben followed right behind Beth, and Heather had a solid race after a week of being sick and not getting much sleep.

(Pictured is the Lebo teaching/running brigade)

The splits were interesting. I was actually slightly ahead of last year through three miles.
mi -2011 (2010)
1-5:54 (5:52)
2-5:43 (5:40)
3-5:24 (5:36)....17:01 (17:08)
4-6:19 (6:12)
5-7:03 (6:50)

But, I just didn't have it in miles 4 and 5. That last hill sure is a doozy! Overall, a decent day, but I feel like my breathing was not as good as it could have been. Official marathon training starts tomorrow. Pittsburgh, here I come!

After that, Beth and Chad were two of the presenters at the Pittsburgh Triathlon Club's Clinic at REI on the South Side. Good knowledge shared by all.

And, to end this I'll present to you a Youtube video someone created of Marshawn Lynch's game-clinching run for the Seattle Seahawks against the New Orleans Saints. He breaks a ton of tackles and ends up even scoring. This video put it to the sounds of Super Mario Brothers. A good blast from the past!


Beth said...

Love that video!!! :)

And great job today. You didn't even mention that you beat Racer X by like a minute... ;)

m said...

Adam told me I had to watch that play! Pretty awesome. What is that music from, my initial thoughts were Frogger...

Congrats to all on running fast in cold weather and up the big hill at the end!

Steve said...

Clobbered Racer X by a minute. SHEESH!! Congrats!!

Football is a strange game. Bears play Seattle for their first playoff game. Can't get any better for us I don't think. We can lose, but Seattle is probably the worst team in the playoffs.

We'll see.