Saturday, January 8, 2011

Frigid Five Upcoming and My Pirates Compadre

Still going to be Frigid Sunday morning, but at least it won't be zero when we wake up like last year. They're calling for 16 degrees with a wind chill of 3. The goals for the race are always dependent on the snow and the traction. The one thing that's constant in the race is that last .75 mile up-hill. Killer but so fun!

It's been a fun weekend of hanging out with Beth's mom and playing scrabble and celebrating Christmas again. It finishes up with Beth speaking at a Triathlon Clinic Sunday afternoon. Full weekend.

How about Seattle answering the critics and beating New Orleans? Impressive. And to think that their Tight End who caught a TD, John Carlson, was drafted by the computer for my fantasy team and I didn't even know who he was back in August.

Speaking of fantasy teams, at the Christmas party Friday night I caught up with Beth's cousin's husband who is the most knowledgeable Pirate fan I know. Every time we get together we talk Pirates. We carried on a 10 minute coherent, logical conversation about the state of the Pirates and where they need to improve and where the future looks bright. It's so fun. You know he's good when the conversation shifts to Benito Santiago and he totally knew when I told him that we got him for Leo Nunez and Nunez has been closing for the Marlins on and off the last two years. That's a baseball guy!


Steve said...

Good Luck on your race. I know you will put all your effort into it. You are a lot tougher racer than me, that is for sure.

Make sure you bring all the sound effects. :)

Beth said...

Frigid indeed. Windchill of -3!! BRRRRRRRRRRRR! (I'm going to ask you if you thought that last hill was "fun" right after you finish the race... :)