Saturday, January 15, 2011

Edinboro, Stillers, and PSU

The trip to Edinboro was a little snowy going up, but at least I was greeted by our yummy, friendly neighbors to the north.

This was our first time at Edinboro University's indoor track.

It's a bubble and the track inside is 230 meters. Something about they had to make it big enough to accommodate multiple basketball courts for the IM department, so the athletic department didn't have to foot the whole bill.

Here was my view for the meet:

I was asked to help out with the timing computers today. I did this back in the day at PSU (was it really 10 years ago?....I am OLD!) while Beth was blazing around the track for the Nittany Lions. After being a little rusty at the beginning, it was like riding a bike. Click, click, click, save, next race! The only thing is that I miss the whole meet in the process while staring at the computer all day. Some of the jumpers got some video of their events, so I'll have to take a look at their jumps over the next week.

The Steelers won a close slugfest against the Ravens. On to the AFC Championship game in New England if the Patriots win or here against the Jets if NY wins.

PSU almost made it three ranked teams in a row when they took Ohio State down to the final minute. But, the Buckeyes pulled it out, 69-66.

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Steve said...

I saw PSU was tied at half. I haven't been following College Basketball too much. Seems the point guard for PSU is pretty good... I think. I was just glancing while we were eating. I guess the Big 10 basketball players could have taken lessons from their football brothers on how to be "good" at a National level. We'll see. :)

Football game was entertaining to say the least.