Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In The End...

They (the National Weather Service) pretty much got it right....on the third revision! The only thing that stunk about the snow was when it came down. Poor Beth was the victim of being on the roads after the snow started but before they were treated in the mid-afternoon. Her drive from downtown-- 90 minutes

For me, the roads were just wet, but I had to deal with rush hour traffic. My trip home-- about 90 minutes.

Also, in the end, it turned out that Auburn is the national champ (even though there's no playoff still) and Beth and I are very mediocre at making bowl selections. Final tally:

Beth: 13-20-2
O: 18-15-2
and O's over/under: 15 right, 18 wrong.

Seems like the snow's through so we should be good for tomorrow. That's a good thing because there's a lot of testing and midterm preparation that still needs to get done this week!


Steve said...

busy busy. 90 minute commute??? UGH!!! Good thing for xm. It still cannot be fun though.

Beth said...

I stink at picking football games (to say the least). My loyalty to the Big Ten did NOTHING for me this year!