Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scrabble Victory!

Jan 5 and 5 blog entries (getting cheaper by the day).

Beth's mom is in town to celebrate the Serbian Orthodox Christmas on Friday. She's staying with us and of course we engaged in a lively game of Scrabble this evening (picture above from Facebook Scrabble where Beth's sister KILLS us every game). Somehow, I ended up on top by 2 points. How did that happen? I was the scorekeeper I guess.

Tomorrow is Curriculum Night at the school from 7-9pm so I, with my before school run with my cousin, I won't be home from 5:30am-10pm. We'll see if blog #6 happens. Not looking promising.


Jennifer Harrison said...

FUN! Jerome and I play Scrabble w/ the kids and we are not very good - but we sure try! :)

Steve said...

congrats on the victory. Serbian. Hmmm. Little things of interest. Me being Czech, my Dad's Mom and Dad were from Czechoslovakia. I didn't know them well. I know my Dad and his Dad had a fight when he was like 16. Last time my Dad's dad gave him trouble. My Dad just stood up for himself. I found this out just recently.

One thing about my Dad, is all his brothers died young. Heart disease. He is the only college graduate, and one who lived a long life. He had some sisters stick around a bit, not sure if they are still alive. We are Pejchls after all, so we don't pay much attention to family, but I remember the bits I get.

Anyway, good luck tomorrow. Sounds like a long day.

hint-- you can blog on your phone. :)