Monday, January 10, 2011

I'll Believe It When I See It

So, the National Weather Service (note: this is NOT the local media trying to drum up viewership) started out Sunday issuing a "Winter Storm Watch" where there could be "Greater than 6 inches."

Around 4pm, they then issued a "Winter Weather Advisory" to replace the Winter Storm Watch where we may get 3-6 inches between Tuesday AM and Thursday PM (36 hours). I go to the local forecast and it's now saying 1 inch Tuesday during the day, 1-3" Tuesday night, and "snow showers possible" Wednesday (with nothing about any additional accumulation.

So, in conclusion, this went from 6+ inches to maybe just 2 inches in two days.

Come on!

To quote Charlie's high school coach, the immortal Coach A, "That LIAR the Weatherman" strikes again! The only profession where there's a lower success rate is major league baseball where getting a hit 3 out of 10 times is highly successful.

Good luck to Maija's Oregon Ducks tonight against Auburn. I picked the Ducks (+3) over the Tigers on my bowl picks back in December. I've had a great run since the New Year started. 10 out of 11 until Nevada failed to cover the 9.5 against Boston College. So, will the hot picks continue or will the law of averages strike again?

Off to the grocery store for our WEEKLY shopping (nothing to do with the weather) where I'm sure there will be chaos and long lines for this 1 inch of snow predicted for Tuesday during the day.


Beth said...

QUACK!!!! :)

m said...

I hope you picked right for this one!

Steve said...

WOAH!! new look to the blog. Ducks lost booooo.

Quite possibly my best comment ever. lol. :)

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