Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Indoor Track of the Year

Pretty much just writing to keep the streak alive. 13-for-13 in 2011 and 14 in a row. Not really sure why I started this streak. I guess I figured around January 3rd it would be entertaining to see how long I could keep it.

Track meet tonight at Pitt. Most of the performances would be what you would expect from a meet in January. It was a good measuring stick and we found lots of stuff to take away and improve on. For the jumpers, it's just a great experience to get to jump into sand.

My run this morning was scheduled to be a 9-miler. With the snow I figured any route near home or near school would be somewhat snowy. But, I knew our high school's maintenance crew always does a great job clearing the road and sidewalks around the building and they did not disappoint. Clear sailing! Each lap is 0.5 miles (I think more like 0.49 when I went back and clicked it off), so I did 18 wonderful laps around the school. I switched directions every two miles just for a change of scenery. Surprisingly, it went by fairly quickly.

School and practice tomorrow and then a trip up to Edinboro for a meet on Saturday.


Steve said...

Way to get the run in. Always thinking.

Beth said...

This streak is impressive to say the least!! You cannot be stopped! :)