Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hijacking the GPS

Since Beth was stuck on her bike for FOUR HOURS this morning, I hijacked (errr.....asked to borrow) her GPS watch for my 12 mile run. I mapped out a course and wanted to see how well it worked. I loved the feedback of getting the beep for each mile and also the split for each mile. Very informative.

I chose one of Charlie's favorite courses, running along the river and then up Oak Manor Drive. Very steep from 8.33 miles to 9.75 miles (thanks to the Garmin). I was able to average 7:26 pace for the whole run, which I'm excited about since it's still January.

Probably the coolest part of the watch was the data and graphs you get when you upload it to the computer:

As of Saturday, four months until the marathon. And, if you haven't read in the past, I'm running to support the Alzheimer's Association and would love to receive your support towards my goal of raising $1000 as I work towards trying to go sub-3 at the Pittsburgh marathon.

I'm still looking for stories of how Alzheimer's has affected people's families and would love to hear your story and carry it with me on marathon day. You can click HERE to donate online. Thank you very much for the help and support.

1 comment:

Steve said...

7:30 pace for training. keeps you off the streets. I am on them forever. :)

Outside the box thinking??? I think Alzheimers "may" be partially induced by too much tv, etc... not enough outside time. Chemicals in food. It might not be a disease, but perhaps a lifestyle, which over the years turns bad.

Just a thought.