Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Highs and Lows

In the Buchheit family tradition, below are my 2009 highs and lows. Last year's are listed here.

This was a pretty good year. Beth and I are fortunate in that no immediate people near us were greatly affected by the downturn in the economy and had any job losses. If anything, it's been exciting to see Beth's business grow. So, without further ado....

2009 Lows
It was tough to think back on down stuff, but I guess here's a few disappointments:

3. My nasty ankle sprain costing me a race back at the end of February.

2. Church attendance & involvement - with all of our travels, it limits our Sunday mornings at our home church. We'll listen to podcasts of various services throughout the year, but it's just not the sames as interacting with fellow believers on a Sunday morning.

1. My blowup at the Philly marathon. Just a little too greedy in the first half, but lots of lessons learned for the next one.

2009 Highs

3. Being part of starting a business. It's exciting to see where Beth's business venture, The Athlete's Eutrophia LLC, is a year later and glad that she hasn't fired me from my self proclaimed job titles of CFO, IT Specialist, and Business Manager.

2. The trip down to HHI for Christmas

1. This is kind of cheating, but the 12-week stretch starting the last week of September with a college fair and Beth's BOUS race up through Foot Lockers in San Diego on December 12th where I/we had some great experiences, new experiences, and once-in-a-decade experiences going on just about every weekend:

Sep 23: College Fair for Etown at WCCC
Sep 25-28: BOUS for Beth in California - Beth finished 4th, Beth's mom made the trip, and Mission Viejo was a beautiful area
Oct 4: First ever Steelers game - Great time with T&K and the Steelers beat the Chargers
Oct 10: First PSU game since college - albeit against a Div 1-AA opponent E. Illinois, but a fun time with B
Oct 13: LaRoche College Fair for Etown - got to show a fellow Etown alum (and former runner) the ropes
Oct 17: Buffalo Creek Half Marathon - 3rd place and 1:16:32
Nov 1: Big Tens XC Championship at PSU - PSU women won their first championship and I got a sweet PSU longsleeve at the alumni get together
Nov 7: PIAA XC meet in Hershey - our runner finished 2nd in the state and I swung by Etown to visit J&A and the kids
Nov 12-15: IM 70.3 Championships in Clearwater for Beth - podium finish for Beth and fun time with Beth's parents
Nov 22: Philly Marathon for me - good learning experience...great time through 14 miles!!!
Nov 25: Thanksgiving

Dec 12: Foot Locker National XC Championships in San Diego - Thanks to Marit and Nate for hosting me for the weekend.

Other than some lack of sleep since September (of which I caught up on over Thanksgiving and down in HHI), what a great finish to 2009. Here's looking forward to a super 2010.

Have a great New Year's and talk to you all next year!


Beth said...

Great year 'eh? I enjoyed spending every second with you. ;)

Steve said...

Oscar, The race (I had absolutely no idea this would happen) I was most nervous for was yours. The Philly Marathon. You'll get it this year. Everyone wants it for you!!

The biggest help you can give Beth, (in my opinion) is to hit your goals. I know you want her to hit her goals, but she also wants you to hit yours. It is important.

I wish you the best of luck. I know a little bit about the Shutt's (Father) They give. I hope you realize you hitting your goals is as important to us who follow Beth, as it is to her.

Hope you get it this year!!! :)

You know the training is fun!!

Good Luck!!

Go Steelers!!! ;)

Kim said...

Here's to a wonderful 2010! Enjoyed your list!

wonderwoman said...

There was a lot of good to list on there for 2009. I hope 2010 is even better!