Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Raceday DNS

The short story--didn't run the race this morning. But, Beth did awesome finishing as the 3rd female and at 63:50.

The long story--here's what happened:

It all started back on Wednesday. We had Wed-Thu-Fri off from track as indoor is finished and outdoor starts officially on Monday. It was BEAUTIFUL out that afternoon, so I figured I'd do a little mile repeat workout at school to get ready for the big 10-miler on Saturday. Beth was shooting for 65 minutes (6:30 pace), so I figured I better make sure I can hang with her for at least some of it.

So, off to the track workout I go. My goal: 3x1600 in 6:00 with 2:00 rest in between. In short, it went GREAT! My 3 miles were something like 5:48, 5:54, and 5:51. Heck, I even felt so great, I decided to throw in an 800 at the end since it felt so good and it was such as nice afternoon weather-wise. 800 time--2:41. I'm loving life!

The other reason I stayed after at school to do the repeats instead of going home was that I was sticking around to watch the girls hoops game at 6pm at a "neutral site" 8-10 minutes down the road from the high school. This was the first game I've been at this year (although I went to two practices and listened to two on the Internet). The game went as predicted it would for an undefeated team. They jumped out early and cruised to an easy win. It was a fun Wednesday.

Thursday was a recovery day as I like to "taper" for my races since I'm not taking them too seriously. Then, on Friday, I did 35 minutes and 5 striders with Beth before school. After school, I was asked to participate in the faculty vs intramural champion basketball game. I figured just stay out of trouble and it will be fine. DON'T GET HURT!!! Heck, Beth and I even exchanged emails during the day about not twisting an ankle.

But, sure enough, I tried to be a hero and block a shot and came down on my foot awkwardly and twisted my ankle. I walked it off for a few minutes and actually played in the 2nd half of the basketball game.

As I drove home, I could feel it stiffening and swelling up. I iced it as soon as I got home and took some Advil. I was just hoping it was okay since I was able to play more in the game and I would still run on Saturday.

Race morning, I wrapped it up and Beth and I went over to North Park. I wrapped the ankle and tried to give it a go. But, it was not to be. So, I fell in to my familiar equipment manager/photographer role.

Beth did awesome and almost caught 2nd place, but time-wise was pumped finishing at 63:50 (since her goal coming in was 65). For me, I wanted to try to limp around for a least 1 time around the lake (5 miles) but my smarter half (Beth) talked me out of it. Oh well. Live to race another day. My next race probably won't be until May since outdoor track starts on Monday. That's fine. Take a little break and then begin training for the Philly marathon (November).

Bottom line, hard lesson learned today.

In other news, good luck to the boys and girls hoops teams as they both go for WPIAL championships tonight!

College basketball and spring training updates coming soon.

UPDATE: Beth convinced me to ice my ankle in her ice bath while she was icing. This puts to rest who is the tougher of the two of us. Beth: Entire lower half of her body in the ice week after week. Me: Tearing up my just having my ankle in the ice and it's only been 5 minutes!!!

UPDATE #2: Congrats to the Mt. Lebo girls' hoops team on becoming WPIAL champs, 50-24. Now, it's the boy's turn. Good luck against Peters Township.


Wendy said...

YIKES Oscar! those pictures look horrible! Does it hurt as much as it looks like it hurts? I cannot even believe you were contemplating running a 10 miler! What a trooper! Congratulate your wife for me! What was her pace?...less than 6? Holy Cats (as she would say)...she is a machine!

Beth said...

Those pictures don't even do the ankle justice. It's much uglier in person! :) Still can't believe you wanted to run on it!

Maijaleena said...

I definietly could have done without seeing puffy ankle photos! So sorry you sprained the ankle. Perhaps you jinked yourself emailing about it? The positive was that Beth got a photographer for the day. You will kick butt when you get to race in May and in Philly!