Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't Forget the Gas

No, this isn't in reference to any Valentine's Day dinner over the weekend....

Instead, it's from part of the message that the pastor had in the message from Saturday. The topic we are currently studying is prayer. The point of the message was to get across that we need to make time for prayer. The story went something like:

If you were running low on gas, you wouldn't want to stop before church because you want to get there on time. But, you ran out of gas right beside the BP (at the bottom of the hill by the church). However, instead of filling up, you decide to push the car up the hill (somehow) because you don't want to take the time to stop for gas.

Sound silly? That was his point. We need to take the time go get our spiritual gas tank filled up every day. If not, we'll not have the strength that's available to help us through the day.

By the way, the past month Beth and I have been going to a Saturday night church service at a church called Cornerstone down on Route 22 in Murrysville on the recommendation of a friend. Our goal is to not have to rush around Sunday morning with workouts before church. We figured Saturday night was a better option because it's not like we would be going out clubbing or anything.

So far, so good. The pastor has great messages, the praise sets at the beginning rock, and we're sneaking in a meal at Hoss's every once in a while now since there's one just down the road. We're thinking this is just a short term thing until the weather gets a little nicer, there's more daylight, and we can start our runs a little earlier on Sundays.


Penn State - Finally won a game against after losing three in a row. They currently stand at 18-8 overall and 7-6 in the Big Ten with 5 conference games left (@ #16 Illinois, @ OSU, Indiana, Illinois, @ Iowa). In my opinion, they need to go 3-2 in these games and make it to the conference tourney semi's to make it to the NCAA tourney

Arizona - Has come from the dead to win 7 in a row (including a sweep of the LA schools over the weekend). They currently stand at 18-8 overall and 8-5 in the Pac-10 with 5 games left (@ ASU, @ the Washingtons, home vs Bay area). I think it's a similar scenario for them. Go 3-2 in the last 5 games and make the conference semi's. We'll see what happens. Maybe the guys are buying into the interim coach's system finally.

Davidson - They're cruising, but the big story is that Stephen Curry sprained his ankle on Saturday. He should be ready to go for the Bracket Buster Saturday match-up against #22 Butler this weekend. Davidson just needs to keep getting better and take care of business in the SoCon tourney for the automatic bid. I'm not convinced they would get an at large bid.

But, in the most recent "Bracketology" update, Davidson is seeded as a #9, so who knows. Arizona is now in as a #12 seed (listed as one of the "last four in" and Penn State is listed as one of the "last four out." So much can happen in the next month. I love the excitement of it! Oh yeah, in a REAL match-up of basketball powers #4 Pitt is at #1 UConn. I bet you can guess who I'm rooting for....

Okay, off to the grocery store. My dad's coming over for dinner tomorrow night (mom's out of town on a business trip) and we're going to treat him to some chili, salad, and cornbread.

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