Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Farewell to Rossmary

We received a letter in the mail today from Compassion International. They informed us that the 11-year-old child we sponsor, Rossmary, "is no longer enrolled in our sponsorship program. We have learned that her family situation has improved to where outside assistance is no longer needed."

This is great for her that things are going well that she doesn't need the support any longer, but makes us a little sad since it was so sudden. Hopefully she take what she learned in the Compassion program and takes it with her the rest of her life.

We began sponsoring Rossmary four or five years ago through the organization Compassion International. She is from Peru outside of Lima. It's a very well-run organization that has always received high marks regarding financial efficiency. We strongly recommend it as a great opportunity to invest money into a great organization that helps children around the world who need it the most.

In the program, we received four to six letters a year from her and we tried to send her a message once a month or so through the online "email." It's always fun because I always try to go back and look at the original Spanish letter that gets sent to us and try to see how much I can translate before reading the English-translated message.

Farewell Rossmary. God bless and we hope that you make a difference for Jesus in your community and maybe someday around the world. We look forward to finding out who the new child will be that we have a chance to sponsor and make part of our lives.


Beth said...

Don't forget about Yobani - our first Compassion child! :) My favorite is when they write to us about their "pets" because they always have like a million of them... :)

Wendy said...

Hey! I had a compassion child too....but just like yours, mine finished abruptly. Mine, however finished because she was too old, I guess. I didn't realize how fast the years had past. But it's so weird, I was just thinking about (and praying for) my Compassion child today! (Elizabeth Flores Escobar). Did you sign up for yours at Creationfest many years ago? I did! ;o) Those videos between acts always tugged at my heartstrings!

JPH said...

I know this really belongs with the Pirate post a while back, but I wasn't sure you'd check back on that one, so... Let's Go Bucs!