Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Athlete's Eutrophia - & other pics

The big news this past week is that Beth unveiled her website for her nutrition consulting business, The Athlete's Eutrophia. You can read about it more on her blog entry from this past week, but it's something she's been thinking about for a while now and it's exciting to see it getting started. It's been some extra hours, but it'll be exciting to see where it goes.

As far as our business "structure" you would consider Beth the President, CEO, Dietitian, Marketing, PR, and Athletic Consultant. My roles are the VP, Financial Secretary, IT, and High School Sports Liaison. :)

As far as what else is going on, I figured I'd document it in pictures so I could write less:
Beth received sponsorship from Saucony this week. That's a big catch and will be a great help with Beth shoes and running/tri apparel.

I did a 40 minute run on Wed, swim on Fri (7x100, 6x25), and two runs this weekend (no pics). Yesterday, I did 7.5 miles in 57 minutes (7:35/mi) and today I did 11.4 miles in 90 minutes (7:54/mi pace). We're doing the Spring Thaw (10 miles) this Saturday. I haven't been training too hard lately, so the expectations are lower, but we'll see what happens.

This morning, Beth participated in the CMU mile swim meet at (obviously) Carnegie Mellon. Fellow teachers Ben & Jon did it also as well as Matt and Sarah from the morning high school swim group. There were also people from Beth's Pitt Masters group and a runner/triathlete Beth and I met at Chad's triathlon party last fall. It was much more fun than last year since I knew more people.

Beth rocked it, finishing over a minute faster than last year. Check out her name in lights!

This is Beth & her coach Jen (from Pitt masters) who, in my opinion, is a dead ringer for Tea Leoni. Two movies I enjoyed that she was in were The Family Man (w/ Nicholas Cage) and Spanglish (w/ Adam Sandler).
And, finally, my highlight of the morning. The 2nd or 3rd in command at Eat'n Park swam and he brought DOZENS of smiley cookies. At first, I was thinking they were probably just for the swimmers, so I stayed away. But as the morning wore on, I saw kids eating some (and I'm a big kid, right?) so I ate one. There were still a ton of them left so I ate two more as we watched other people swim over the next hour or two. In fact, there were so many left, I even took one for the road and at it as dessert tonight. That's right, FOUR Eat'n Park cookies in one day. YUM!!!

Have a great start to the week!!!


Beth said...

You're a big kid alright. Understatement of the year. By the way, is this what you take pictures of when I'm not watching the camera? Smiley cookies? I'm surprised you got a picture before you snarfed it down!! :)

Seriously though, thanks for being my business partner (I think you forgot to mention your title of "bank roll"), training partner, equipment manager extraordinaire and best friend. Did I forget anything? :)

Kim said...

Great Pics Oscar. I am really excited about Beth's new site! It looks great so I don't know if I left that on her blog that day so please relay the message. You're such a great support to my friend and I know she values you so much..what a guy, what a guy! When is that 10 miler on Sat? I was thinking about doing a running race at some point here and I do have to fly out of Pitt on Sat. Not sure if I could get there early enough but that could be a good long run/get fitter race!! Let me know!!

GoBigGreen said...

Fun! I love Tea Leoni and the movies you mentioned are two of my favorites. Good luck to you both in the running race. Beth is going to do very well with her new business...She know's her stuff!

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