Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Now What?

The Steelers are Super Bowl Champs. 2nd time in four years. that's impressive. When they won back in '05, I was 'satisfied' from the championship with Steeler football for the entire 2006 season. Didn't care one way or another how the season turned out. I wonder how long it will last this time?

There was a big parade on Tuesday with an estimated 350,000 people attending, including many students from my school. In one class, I only had five kids!!! I was in a predicament because of a snow day last week, I needed to push back a test from last Friday. I wasn't about to give it Monday because it would be fair to expect them to study with the Steelers in the Super Bowl. So, I gave it Tuesday, but there was a rash of 'absences' due to the parade. So, there's just going to be a lot of make ups this week.

With the football season now being over, this got me to thinking how I transition through my year in sports. Now that the Steelers are done, I move on to college basketball through the beginning of April which transitions into the Pirates & MLB through the summer which transitions back to Penn State & the Steelers in the fall. And, of course, being the Microsoft Excel nerd that I am, I charted out my sports following priority throughout the year:

With college basketball, I follow the University of Arizona (aunt lives out there), Penn State (I went there), and Davidson College (my dad went there). It should be an interesting February to see what type of seed Davidson will end up with, whether Penn State can do enough to earn a berth, and see if Arizona can go on an amazing run to keep their consecutive tourney streak going. I follow the Penguins, too, but more from a distance.

I'm ALWAYS following the Pirates. Dejan Kovacevic, bless his heart, is the Pirates beat writer for the Post-Gazette. He does such an AMAZING job of giving great stories on the Pirates not only during the season, but also throughout just about the entire off-season via his Post-Gazette Pirates Blog. I check it out daily to see if there's any updated news.

Throughout the summer, I follow the Pirates and all the minor league affiliates. Last summer, I made a trip up to Altoona the one night when Beth was in Chicago, which was a blast. This summer, my dad, sister, and I are going to do a three-day trip around the Frederick area to various games. It should be fun.

So, there you have it. It's topics like this that are blog-worthy when it's single-digits outside and you can't go out. Brrrr!

In other news, there's an indoor track meet tomorrow night. We're nearing the end of indoor season and will be transitioning to prepare for outdoor track in March.

Not much on the training news this week. I'm going swimming Thursday morning, then running with Beth Friday morning, and then being the basketball equivalent to a football tackling dummy for the high school girls basketball team on the way, today (four days later) is the first day I didn't have any stiffness when I woke up. I'm glad to get some back-up from former Florida all-state hoopster Bri Gaal on the different types of fitness between distance running and basketball. I can't believe how sore I was/am.


Beth said...

Well I have to say...I have at least a little objection to the fact that triathlon is at best THIRD on your list of sports to follow!!! That hurts. That really, really hurts. Especially because somehow the Pirates made it into 1st place and we all know how they play... ;)

HA!! You are such a sports nerd... But that's why I love you so... :)

Wendy said...

Oscar your excel spreadsheet cracks me up! :o)

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