Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Speed Blog

* Awesome weather--great to have it be 50 degrees. I ran with Beth for 30 minutes today in shorts and a long sleeve! Tomorrow morning 2 hour run. I hope it's still kind of nice.

* Survived HS Girls' basketball Saturday practice #2 this morning. The first hour we teachers/coaches weren't too involved other than playing the role of a body between the "bigs" and the basket. The second hour we had a chance to play some defense and a little transition offense. I didn't trip and fall to the ground this week, but my side-to-side muscles are yet again reminding me that I'm a distance runner now...

* Penn State hoops came back to reality on Thursday night getting crushed by 20 at Michigan. We'll see if they can bounce back against Wisconsin in the BJC.

* Davidson lost their first conference game in a couple of years on their home court against Bobby Cremmins and the College of Charleston. I guess that's okay since they just have to worry about winning their conference tournament. Maybe losing a game will help them refocus over the next month.

* Pitchers and catchers report next weekend. I can't wait!!! Emails are starting to circulate about the potential date of our fantasy baseball draft. This is a great group that started my sophomore year on Founders Hall A-2 at Elizabethtown College. I can't believe we've been doing this since 1997.

* Fun track meet at Pitt on Thursday. Our 400 guy ran a sub 52 and finished 2nd. I was up at the Cost Center serving as the fill-in pole vault coach (our coach was sick and couldn't make it). I learned some things, but am still baffled by the pole vault.

* The music group Third Day is coming to Pittsburgh in March. Beth and I were thinking of going, but then we saw that the tickets were $48 each. That's a little on the steep side. We're not big fans of crowds anyway, so we'll probably pass on this one.

Good night all!

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Maijaleena said...

Yeah for 50 degree running! Hope you enjoyed it. It's coming this way!!!!!