Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Week in Pictures: Track and Columbia

Another whirlwind week. Tuesday was the girls track recognition night and I had a chance to recognize many great performances by the jumpers. Below is a picture of three irreplaceable seniors, two promising sophomores, a distinguished alumnae, and a happy coach with strawberry pie.
Just in case they didn't show up too well on the last shot--the strawberry pie and clipboard with a bunch of my 'sayings.'
The volunteer high jump coach (former college all-american) and his freshman daughter who qualified for the state meet on Thursday. He's TALL.

Also, it was a great year for the guys with two qualifiers for the district finals.

Much like most of my spring track meets, it was a soggy day for Beth's triathlon down in Maryland. My early entertainment for the day was watching cars attempt to make it up a muddy grass hill. It was just like watching cars try to get up a snowy and icy road.
We got there on Friday and at the expo I got my (almost annual) pair of "once-worn shoes" for $50. What a deal! These Saucony's retail for $130-$160!!
Before the race, Beth, Lindsay, and Kim.

While Beth's out racing, I was doing some goose-hunting.

Beth in T1.
Congrats to Laurel Wassner on the win. What an amazing athlete, cancer survivor, and supporter of cancer programs.
I got a wave from 6-time Kona Champion Natascha Badmann as she was nearing mile 6 of the run.

Mom got a shot of my spectathleting-in-action. I was on the return from cheering Beth in at the end. After the heavy rain at the beginning of the day, I shed the jacket for the standard obnoxious yellow for Beth to pick me out.

State meet next weekend. Congrats to all the Lebo qualifiers. I can't wait to go down to Shippensburg to see them.


Beth said...

You and your strawberry pie!! Hope it tasted good today in your lunch! :)

Kim said...

Thanks for all the cheering Oscar! It was great to see you guys! Love your spectathlete Pic!

m said...

If Frito had known you were Goose hunting, he may have come out of the car.

Thanks for cheering!

Hope you enjoyed the pie.