Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Christmas Trip

Good times down in the south, y'all. Things went smooth getting there, being there, and coming back.

To give a little more detail...

We were trying to make it work out where Beth didn't have to take me to work Friday morning (lots of extra driving and time), but we didn't want to have to take two cars to the airport and meet there. So, good friend (and classroom next-door neighbor...and racquetball afficianado) allowed me to stash my car at his place (only lives 5 min or so from school) while we were away. It worked out great, Beth picked me up at the end of the school day, and we were off to the airport. Thanks, BK!

Probably the best thing about this trip was that we didn't have to worry about hauling around a bike box. That made things quick getting into the airport and through security (except for when somebody forgot to put their shampoo in the checked bag instead of the carry-on).

We grab dinner in the airport and head towards our gate. As we approach a people-mover, Beth and I notice this guy looking at me. I look back at him and do a double-take. Once we pass him, I asked Beth, "Do you know who that was?" She says no and I tell her that it was Dave Littlefield (former Pirates' General Manager). We settle down at our crowded gate and, sure enough, DL and his wife and kids are at the gate too. In my head at this point, I begin conjuring up all of these profound things to discuss with him:

*Did you really think Daniel Moskos was better than Matt Weiters when drafting?
*How painful was it to have to trade Aramis Ramirez to get in line with MLB's debt ratio?
*Why exactly did you take ALL of Matt Morris' $10M salary on AND give the Giants Rajai Davis?
*What was your overall draft philosophy?
*What are you up to now (researched on Wikipedia he was a scout with the Cubs in 2011)?
*What is it like working in baseball?

The list could go on and on....

However, an opportune time didn't come up while waiting to board the plane (that and of course I was chicken). However, we did strike up a conversation while on the plane. Okay, it was as I was walking past his seat as I went back towards mine and it went something like this:

DL: **sneeze**
OS: Bless you.
DL: Thank you.

And I kept on walking. There it was. Maybe next time I run into him, I can go through my list since we are now acquaintances.

After that, I am happy to say that I finally got around to finishing my book on the life of
John Wesley (founder of the Methodist faith). It's interesting to see the characteristics of a strong leader - unwavering belief in a cause, personal exceedingly high expectations and standards, high expectations of those around you, compassion, selflessness, and many others.

While I finished one book, I was furnished with FIVE new books from my mother-in-law (former librarian). The one I'm starting with is called
Wait Till Next Year by Doris Kearns Goodwin. From what I understand, she's a noted historical author, but wrote this book about her life and growing up and how it was intertwined with her passion for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Does my MIL know me or what?

While in HHI, we ran outside (in shorts!), swam a few times, played mini-golf, scrabble, Settlers of Catan, watched movies and ate a lot. I always love the Christmas Eve service and the singing of 'Silent Night' as we light the candles. Good times all around.

Now, we're back in PA and getting ready to ring in the new year with our triathlon friends.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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Steve said...

I like your update. Tells a lot about you. I am the same way too I think in real life. If I saw a "DL" I'd be shy.

I always believe in my direction, but doesn't always mean I always feel confident in myself.

I guess some days I feel I wear a Superman cape. I am important, and somedays, I wear my underoos... a little cog in the world.

I like my Superman costume better. :)