Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Aftermath

Here's the quick and dirty summary of the weekend:
*Got lots of R&R since I'm not really training now
*PSU & Steelers lost; Pitt won
*Great breakfast buffet and church today

Now for the longer version:

The bottom line with the Penn State game is that they didn't put them away when they could have. Three field goals when they should have went in for touchdowns. A dominating first half with time of possession yet only up 13-7. An inability to get off the field in the 4th quarter on defense. And (of course since I'm a homer) several missed holding calls on the last drive and a questionable pass interference call on Anthony Scirotto. Yeah, I know he technically made contact with the receiver before the ball got there, but he was COMPLETELY making a play on the ball. Maybe it's something a rules committee needs to revisit, but Scirotto probably had a BETTER chance of making that catch, but he gets penalized for it.

Oh well, life moves on. Hopefully they can take care of hapless Indiana next weekend at home and finish with a strong game against Michigan State. If that happens, they'll still go to the Rose Bowl with only one loss. Not bad for a team coming into the year preseason ranked around #20, breaking in a new quarterback, lost three starting D-Lineman since summer, and lost their all-american linebacker in spring drills.

What makes it stink worse is that Pitt beat up on a terrible Louisville team (5 turnovers?!?!?!) and Pitt eeked out a win against Iowa earlier this year. So, now they'll all be yapping about how Pitt is better than PSU. We'll see....

The Steelers lost today--they couldn't put the game away either. But, I don't get too high or low on them until December and January. That's when it matters in the NFL.

Beth and I took Roxy the Dog for a walk up at Hartwood Acres where they have an off-leash doggie play area. There were a couple of other pretty big dogs in there and Roxy seemed a little intimidated at times.

Today, we went to Eat'n Park before church. They have good breakfast buffet and we never get to take advantage of it with our general weekend training & church schedules. That was yummie!!! At church, we talked about forgiveness and how we all need it. One neat thing that our Pastor said was that Jesus made the decision on the cross to choose to forgive all of those people who beat him up and ridiculed him that week. Most mortal humans would have said, "Give them what they deserve!" Yet, he chose forgiveness.

Have a great week!

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Jennifer Harrison said...

Is there ANYTHING better than a Sunday AM breakfast out when you are not training? AH! Can't help you with your lovely Steelers - since you can't help my we can call it a draw! HA. Enjoy your off time! Jen H.