Friday, November 28, 2008

Do we have to go back?

It's in the 60's and I've been wearing shorts. How can I go back to the snow? There have been so many things to be thankful for and that have been so enjoyable since we've been down here:

-Our overnight stay in Beckley was great, included a crisp Thanksgiving morning 5 or so mile run and decent (not great) hotel breakfast.

-We then had 100% perfect weather to drive down the rest of the way to Durham. It was all sunny skies and not too much in the way of traffic. Gas is UNDER $2 here (we've seen couple of $1.59's). Beth dozed for some of the trip so I (quietly) jammed to my podcast praise sessions from the in Oklahoma.

-Thanksgiving dinner by B&D was super! Many compliments to the chefs on the turkey, stuffing, taters, salads, and desserts

-Their dog, Luna, is much better behaved than when we last saw her. She reminds us a lot of Roxy.

-Friday morning, Beth and I met her triathlon friends Bri and Marty at the aquatic center in Cary. This was a major league swimming facility for a minor league swimmer like me. I'm glad the post-Thanksgiving crowd was small so I didn't embarrass me or Beth too much. Thanks to Bri and Marty for inviting us, taking us to a great breakfast place called the food factory, showing us their house and dog, and the Insideout Tri store (where Beth got her new wetsuit--great deals this week there!)

-Back to B&D for an afternoon of watching the Pitt-WVU game...if you want to call it that. It wasn't a very fun game to watch. Both teams had a handful of terrible turnovers and pre-snap penalties. WVU made more mistakes and ended up losing out at the end to Pitt. I mentioned during a couple of points during the game that it looked like a Comedy of Errors (to borrow a title from Shakespeare--that I had a role in during the 4th grade enrichment program). By the way, during halftime and the first 10 minutes of the third quarter, I was out cold (turkey hangover and boredom of the game, I guess).

-For dinner we went over by the Durham Bulls stadium and ate at a restaurant called Tyler's (great burgers!) Then we had an evening of scrabble, monopoly, and Settlers of Catan.

Tomorrow, we're going to run over at Duke's campus (and hope to avoid the Duke-UNC football traffic) and then we're heading back. Maybe we can stick around until Sunday, but I'm sure Roxy the Dog misses us.


Maijaleena said...

What is this about a wetsuit? How did I miss that in Beth's post...

I miss Durham, it is a little 'rough' in some areas, but there are so many nice places, and the weather is great!

Enjoy your run around Duke. Make sure to hit the 5k loop around the golf course.

BriGaal said...

I'm glad you came out for the swim - don't be intimidated by master's! A lot of people were like you and didn't have a swimming background - you did great yesterday. Also, thanks for indulging me and coming over to meet Tassie :) Hope you guys have a safe trip back and we'll see you in Philly in the summer (I signed us both up yesterday)