Wednesday, November 5, 2008

McLouth wins gold glove!

I am soooooo pumped that Nate McAwesome won a gold glove! Good for him. He is such a hard worker and was always stuck behind Chris Duffy coming up through the minors. I'm so glad he had his breakthrough year. The other interesting thing is that McLouth did not rate very high in the various statistical defensive metrics for outfielders. But, even if he wasn't the fastest guy, he sure was able to get to a lot of balls and made so many running and diving catches. Hopefully the can continue it next year!

Here's the short blurb from the post-gazette online:

Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Nate McLouth has been named to the 2008 National League Gold Glove team, becoming the first Pirate to receive a Gold Glove award since 1993.

McLouth, 27, made 155 appearances in the outfield in 2008 and just one error. His .997 fielding percentage led NL center fielders and was second behind Milwaukee's Ryan Braun among all NL outfielders.

The last Pirate to receive the Rawlings Gold Glove award was shortstop Jay Bell in 1993. Center fielder Andy Van Slyke received it in 1992.

Ah, Jay Bell and Andy Van Slyke. Those were the days back when I was young and the Pirates were good.....

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