Monday, November 24, 2008

Fantasy XC Champion

Much like Eric Mangini beating Bill Belichick. Or like Cincinnati beating Pitt. In other words, the student has now become the master......or perhaps I just had some lucky picks.

Either way, I beat Beth 24-31 in the 6th annual Fantasy NCAA Women's Cross Country Meet. That makes two in a row and four out of the six.....don't mess with the sports nut/math teacher (I wish I could translate this to some success in my fantasy baseball league one of these years!!!)

I didn't get a chance to post the original draft or ground rules, but here's a quick summary:
*Beth had the first pick and we alternated for 10 total picks
*As in cross country, top 5 places count and lowest score wins

Sally Kipyego - Texas Tech 1
Racheal Marchand - Iowa 5
Angela Bizzarri - Illinois 6
Nicole Bush - Michigan State 9
Nicole Blood - Oregon 10
Kendra Schaaf - Washington (12)
Frances Koons - Villanova (20)
Bridget Franek - Penn State (23)
Marie Lawrence - Washington (25)
Dannette Doetzel - Providence (31)

Total - 31

Susan Kujiken - Florida State 2
Tasmin Fanning - Virginia Tech 3
Brie Felnagle - UNC 4
Christine Babcock - Washington 7
Alexandra Kosinski - Oregon 8
Hollie Knight - Auburn (11)
Gwen Jorgensen - Wisconsin (19)
Nicole Edwards - Michigan (24)
Pilar McShine - Florida State (29)
Megan Duwell - Minnesota (32)

Total - 24

This was our best year in terms of combined scores. The next best was the 2005 duel where Beth won 23-38. My 24 was the fourth best all-time score behind Beth's 23 (2005) and 20 (2006) and my 2003 rookie debut of 18 points (Beth didn't know what she was getting herself into). One other surprising part this year was that our worst place was 32. Usually we have a couple of duds in the 70's or 80's, but not this year.

Here's the history of the match-ups:
2007: O 32-63
2006: Beth 20-117 (didn't hear the end of the trash-talking this year)
2005: Beth 23-38
2004: O 28-58
2003: O 18-53

......can you tell it's a slow night!


Beth said...

Wipe that smile off your face...

Maijaleena said...

Congrats on your win. Sounds like a fun contest. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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