Thursday, November 20, 2008

Game Day!

It's a rare Thursday night home game for the Steelers tonight. They're calling for a little snow (just an inch or two), but that will make it look like real football.

Although I have a 45+ minute drive home each day, there are some perks to it. First, it gives me a chance to unwind and catch up on the news & sports going on or to just jam to some music on my IPod. Also, at this time of the year, it gives me a chance to rehearse my songs for the Christmas choir (the director gives us each a part CD where she overlays our specific part onto each song--it really helps with learning the part).

But, perhaps the best perk for a sports nut like myself is the opportunity emerge to downtown from the Fort Pitt Tunnels and drive past Heinz Field and PNC Park every day. My favorite is in the spring when the Pirates games are going on (and they're not yet mathematically eliminated) and to be listening to the game and to look at the scoreboard as I drive by.

Today, I (safely) snapped a few shots of the two stadiums since I knew the lights would be on in preparation for the Steelers game tonight.

Also, it was funny how on Tuesday I mentioned about Davidson and Arizona hoops getting started. I swear I didn't even realize it, but BOTH were on ESPN that evening as part of their coverage of the Preseason NIT. Davidson's game at Oklahoma started at 9pm and I stayed up to watch the first half. The Wildcats got down big in the 2nd half (like 20 points), but made a furious comeback and cut it to four points behind the hot shooting of Stephen Curry (44 pts). They are just a scrappy little team.

The other Wildcats (Arizona) were on after that (11pm start) against the vaunted powerhouse of the University of Alabama-Birmingham, but there was no way to be able to stay up for that. But, I learned the next morning that Arizona was down most of the game and, after tying it in the last minute, made a really dumb foul and lost the game. It may be a long year for them as they transition into the post-Lute Olson era.

Okay, time to take care of a few last things before the game.



OH SHUT! said...
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ojs said...

I apologize for the previous random comment on this blog. It has now been deleted and the situation has been addressed and should no longer be an issue.

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