Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back in the Routine

I realized today that I hadn't blogged since last weekend. Oops! Not much going on since it's the "offseason" for Beth's triathlons and I'm in-between coaching/training seasons with cross country and indoor track. Track starts up after Thanksgiving, so I'll be going at it more then. Also, I think I've fallen into the facebook trap of posting status updates on there instead of blogging. Oh well.

In the mean time, I've started up some swimming again. I haven't regressed to the absolute pitiful times that I was doing last fall, but I've definitely got to get back in the swing of things to get my times to where they were last spring/summer. One thing that will help is that I'm swimming once a week at the school where I teach with a group of teachers. It's nice to have people push me since I don't swim that fast in the first place.

In other news, I had a chance to visit with my grandma some this past week after school. She had back surgery at a hospital about a mile from my school. The weird part about that is she's from our hometown which is over an hour away from the hospital. There's probably about 5 or 6 hospitals in between her house and this one, but maybe this is what the insurance dictated? Anyway, she went home today, so that's exciting. I know my family is glad to not have to navigate the squirrel hill and fort pitt tunnels daily to visit with her.

Penn State was sluggish against Indiana, but got the job done. There weren't any upsets ahead of them, so it's looking like the Rose Bowl IF they can beat Michigan State this weekend. Javon Ringer worries me with his punishing running style.

The Steelers won, but a lot of people aren't happy about that. It's due to the final play being overturned on replay changing the score from 17-10 back to 11-10. I've looked at the replay a bunch of times and can see the point of the illegal forward pass, but it's too close to have overturned I think. Anyway, maybe this will make people less willing to gamble. Yeah, right!

College basketball is getting rolling. I really don't get into it until Christmas or January. But, we'll see what happens. Arizona is in a state of turmoil with Lute Olson resigning and some of the high school recruits backing out on their verbals. Arizona's not even ranked--it's the other Wildcats I follow, my dad's alma mater Davidson Wildcats who are ranked. We'll see how they do with the target on their back and the added pressure from the elite eight run from last year. Also, the point guard (Jason Richards) graduated and Stephen Curry is going to play some point. We'll see how that works out.

Penn State's is 2-0, but that won't last. Their latest victory was against the New Jersey Institute of Technology. NJIT just set a record for most consecutive losses in college basketball. What division are they anyway? After all, they are from New Jersey...what good comes from there? (Just kidding, Maija!). I always hope for PSU to be good at basketball, but they just can't recruit well for some reason (other than being in the middle of nowhere trying to convince city kids to come). But, it works in other places, like Kansas State for example, so why not Penn State?


Wendy said...

Hey Oscar,In answer to your question on my blog, things were calm yesterday but there is talk of another strike next spring... so all is not well and hurt feelings are felt by all. This Strike has been horribly damaging to our community. Pray!

Maijaleena said...

Hey! I and the millions of little girls who love the Jonas brothers (who are from Wycoff NJ) resent your NJ comment. I am not actually from NJ, I just live here...so I actually take no offense, and I have never heard of that school...

Kim said...

Glad you are back to the routine and swimming. I need to do that too.. its funny..swimming is one of the first things to go for me in the off-season!