Friday, November 21, 2008

DiGiorno Heals Many Things

In short, it was a long week for me. So, Beth and I decided to stay in, but then tried to determine what to have to dinner. I decided to drown my weariness into a DiGiorno for one Pizza. It sure hit the spot--as well as the two brownies afterwards. Good thing winter track starts the week after Thanksgiving!

Enough already about this week and dinner, moving forward to the weekend, we've got some fun things in store:

*Tonight we're going to start booking the hotels for Beths 2009 triathlon schedule. We're going to be visiting some new spots like San Diego and Washington, DC.

*Also tonight, we're going to hold our 6th annual fantasy NCAA Womens Division I Cross Country Championship draft where Beth and I are probably the only two people nerdy enough to conduct something like this. I dominated her in '03 and '04, but she came back to kick my butt in '05 and '06. However, I'm the current defending champ with my resounding 32-63 rout thanks to my 1-3-4 overall finish at the top. Beth's been talking some smack, so we'll see what happens. This weekend, I'll post our lineups and the past results.

*Speaking of NCAA Cross Country Championships, Slippery Rock is hosting the NCAA Division II XC championships tomorrow. Beth and I are going to go up and see who is crowned national champion.

*Of course, my personal highlight of the weekend (other than the XC Draft) is Penn State's attempt at winning the Big Ten title for the 2nd time in four years. Michigan State and Javon Ringer are going to be tough, so we'll see what happens. WE ARE........

*No Steelers on the weekend since they played Thursday night, so lots of naps and schoolwork on Sunday. Naps are never a bad thing.

Stay tuned for the much anticipated draft results....


Beth said...

You are so going down my friend. I have a secret weapon that you do not know about. HAHAHAHA!!! I SHALL be named the XC fantasy CHAMPION!!

Kim said...

I love the title of the blog tonight! So funny! Yes, pizza helps everything and anything. Dress warm tomorrow and enjoy the race. That really does sound like fun and fun that only a former XC runner could love (freezing your hands and toes off while running around up and down hills cheering for runners)! Have fun!!