Friday, August 29, 2008

What a Week!

Wait, you mean it's Friday night already? Where did the week go? That's right, it was the first week of school...

Monday - School, XC Practice, dinner, groceries, bed
Tuesday - Run in AM, School, XC meet (we ran well), dinner, grade tests, bed
Wednesday - School, XC Practice, pizza night dinner, more grading, bed
Thursday - School, XC Practice (Mile repeats!) dinner, laundry & travel plans, bed
Friday - Swim in AM, school, XC practice, dinner, watch a movie (Dan in Real Life...pretty good) blogging.

Whew--that sums it up. Next week, Open House is on Thursday night and an invitational Saturday...I know, welcome back to the REAL world that I get a vacation from in the summer.

There were two highlights of the week training-wise:

Thursday's mile repeats went great! It was about 70 degrees and overcast with a little sprinkle. We did 4x1mile on a mostly flat loop consisting of a grassy field and a little bit on lane 6 of the middle school track. The goal was to drop 10 seconds each time--which is tough when you don't have the track to do the exact pacing per 100 meters. Anyway, here were the splits for me:

5:55, 5:48, 5:37, 5:20

(that last one might have been a PR as I was a 400/800 guy and never ran the mile competitively).

The other highlight was the swim this morning at the Downtown Pittsburgh YMCA. Our pool's still out of commission, so we were able to use this one. It was kind of scary leaving our cars (we had to drive separate since we were both going to work then in opposite directions) on these side alleys. But, everything seemed to be fine and the pool was decent. It had a walkway entrance to the building to the main desk that came in OVER the pool....kind of weird to see the shadow from the walkway above while swimming, but I got used to it. It was a 25m pool, so I wasn't too concerned about times. I did a 1500m and averaged about 2:25-2:30 per 100m.

Finally, good luck to all the HS teams playing their opening game tonight. High School football is a big thing in Western PA. Also, I don't know where the time went, but I'll have to get around to my PSU football preview one of these days. They play 1-AA Coastal Carolina tomorrow, so I hope that they execute and don't make it a close game.

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