Saturday, August 30, 2008

We Are......Penn State

I know it's only Coastal Carolina, but I'm pumped up for a new season of PSU football and college football in general.

Here's a YouTube link to the Penn State Zombie Nation Song:

Here's a link to the We Are...Penn State Chant.

PSU has one of the best student sections in the country!


Jennifer Harrison said...

O! I am convinced you are the UBER FAN, eh? WOW!!! You like all sports. Ok...I LOVE the CUBS. Like the Bears (what can I say, I am a chicago girl). USED to love the BULLS when MJ played - amazing...and dislike the White, I share your passions, but can not sit thru an entire baseball game or I go I am sure that would make you very upset! :) Jen H.

Beth said...

OH man that gives me chills!!! Can you imagine trying to be the opposing team with 107,000 people screaming like that?!?! AHHH!!!!!!!!!