Saturday, August 30, 2008

We Are...Penn State, Part II

I'm a blogging fool now that it's a 3-day weekend. This is 3 posts in the last 24 hours.....

Well, pretty successful afternoon in these parts:


Last thing first, I love the never-ending refills. Today I went four rounds: penne-meat sauce, fettuccine-oregano garlic alfredo, orecelli (sp?--they look like hats)-basil something marinara, whole wheat linguni-five cheese marinara. Yummie!


-Penn State did what they needed to do against Coastal Carolina. They got everybody involved and looked solid. A bigger test will be when Oregon State comes to town next week.

-Darryl Clark looked like a solid leader (11/14 for 146 yds 1TD, 0 INT). He didn't even run at all. Devlin had nice touch, too.

-The three musketeers (or smurfs...all under 6'0") at wide receiver all had great games. Williams carried the ball and returned a KO for a TD. Butler caught 2 balls on the first drive. Norwood was clutch all day (4 for 74 & a TD). Then, the tall backups (6'3" or taller) come in and the passing game didn't miss a beat. I'm excited for Brackett, Zug, and Moye (former PIAA AA 100 & 200 champ at 6'5")

-It looks like we've got FOUR solid running backs - Royster is solid, Green is FAST, Carter is tough, and Beachum is so young but good.

-The defense was good enough, but I hope the losses of Lee and the two DT's don't cost them in tougher games. It seemed like at times they couldn't get off the field. Too many first downs given up (16). Mo Evans and Gaines look list a good pass rushing tandem.

PITT LOSES Bowling Green?

-I just have to say that the Pitt people have been yapping ALL OFFSEASON after that win against WVU last November. The radio ad to sell tickets focuses about how beating WVU shows that the "Panthers are BACK." Ha! I say. They still have had three straight losing seasons and this wasn't a good start to the fourth. Think about it, the seniors may go through their entire career without going to a bowl game. How sad.

-All winter & summer, it was, "Shady's going to win the Heisman.".....he had 23 carries for only 71 yards. "Scott McKillop is one of the top linebackers in the country since he led the nation in tackles.".....that's because Pitt's D was on the field so much and had to make so many tackles. "Pitt turned the corner with the win at WVU.".......No, it's just the Mountaineers played EXTREMELY tight when given the chance to earn a berth in the national championship game.

I know it's just one game, but it sure felt good to quiet that talk about Pitt going 9-3 or 10-2.

-By the way, attendance competition - PSU - 106,577 (sellout), Pitt - 45,063 (about 75% capacity)

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