Thursday, August 7, 2008

Corrigan Drive Time Trial

Well, I survived the time trial today with the high schoolers. I was told today by the head coach (and just confirmed myself) that the course is 4.1 miles, not 4.0 for what that's worth. I ended up taking it out kind of hard because I hadn't really raced since May.....unless you count that 1+ miles at my first triathlon experience. So, I didn't want to be bummed when I hit the turnaround at 7:00 pace.

It's an out & back course with perhaps a slight more up on the way out than the way back. It's pretty flat with very gradual ups & downs.

With that said, here's the splits (I know the locations of the splits from doing a 5K there in the past):
Mile 1 - 6:13
Mile 2.05 turnaround - 6:24
Mile 3 - 6:05
Mile 4.1 - 6:18 - Total time 25:00 flat.

As can be seen, miles 1 & 3 are more down and 2 & 4 are more up. Overall, I'm very pleased with being able to hold just under 6:15 pace. Look out Beth for the Great Race....I'm going to try to hold on to the Shutt family 10k record!

That's about it for today. After the AM time trial, I worked on some "curriculum" stuff at school with another teacher, ate lunch, and did the afternoon 5 miles. Now Beth is here sharing with me the in's and out's of Facebook.

Tomorrow night is the next playoff softball game. It's probably going to be a shootout as the other team has a mediocre pitcher and a lot of big boppers. I just need to throw strikes, minimize the damage, and hope we outscore them. This isn't going to be a 4-2 game for sure. Stay tuned for the results.

Also, I'm pumped for the Olympics to start tomorrow. Technically, they already have as some soccer (aka football outside of the US) pool play has already started. But, the Opening Ceremony is Friday. I'll be excited to follow the triathlons and swimming now that I have a better perspective on those two since the 2004 Athens games. Also, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, and volleyball are fun.

Finally, happy 21st birthday to Sid the Kid (Sidney Crosby for those non-Pittsburgh hockey followers). It's amazing that he's already won a scoring title, MVP, and taken his team to the Stanley Cup finals before being able to step into a Pittsburgh restaurant and order alcohol.


Beth said...

You NEED a Facebook account STAT!!!!!

Dang, I'm really going to have to cut the course or something to beat you at the Great Race. I think we have to incorporate a swim as part of the the wetsuits allowed!!!

Maijaleena said...

25 flat is pretty good. Good motivation for Beth. When is your 10K?

Kim said...

Wow O! You were flying, way to go!!

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