Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Dog is a Ham

Well, I think the picture says it all for Roxy the Dog. She likes to go belly-up and get the tummy rub. The funny thing is she'll turn over like this and wait for Beth or I to rub her belly but if Beth and I aren't paying attention....Roxy falls asleep like that!!! I'm still trying to get a picture of that. Beth is administering the belly rub in this picture!

We're back at school this week for in-service and clerical days. The kiddies start Monday. I mentioned to Beth how it's funny how even adults still fit into the "clicks." I've notice during the group gathering times that there's the football coaches, the young female elementary teachers (kind of like the popular cheerleaders), the lazy group, the science department, and the (REALLY COOL) math department (...okay not really). I'm sure if a workplace is big enough, most places fall into groups like this.

We've got two new math teachers this year and they seem neat. One was a runner at Duquesne, so she'll positively contribute to my attempt to organize Math department athletic endeavors. Our tentative plan for the year is as follows:

Sep 28, 2008 - The Great Race (10k or 5k)
May 3, 2009 - Pittsburgh Marathon or 1/2 Marathon
July 2009 - Butler YMCA Triathlon

We'll see how it goes. We had a good start with the 4 people in the triathlon this past summer.

First XC meet of the year this Saturday. It will be good to get the team out racing against someone wearing another team's color. Times aren't too important this time of the year, it's more about the mental exercise of racing.

Time to watch some Olympics.....I mean go to bed since it's 11:30 pm already. I need to get back into school mode!!!!!


Kim said...

Your dog IS a ham! But sooo cute. I seriously want to get a dog but with Kyle and I just getting ready to move into an apartment, and she said "do you have a dog" and we were like "nope," he said probably not a good idea to swtich it on her now!! Have a good first start to the year Oscar!

Beth said...

Roxy is the definition of HAM. That is FOR SURE!!!! By the way - 11:30 pm quite late for a school night!!! (he he...just wanted to say that... :)

Maijaleena said...

"We've got two new math teachers this year and they seem neat."

Using the word "neat" definitely puts you in the math geek group.

Cute picture of Roxy. She sure is a cutie. Coopy likes to roll around on his back to get attention (I think...) and Frito sleeps like that too.