Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lightning Race Report

First of all, thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers for my dad and for Bob. Both are home and both are doing well. My dad even took a 1+ mile walk around the neighborhood the other day.

Secondly, congrats to all the people competing down at St. Anthony's (Maija, Bree Wee, Bri & Marty Gaal, ...). Sorry to hear about the no swim, but hope you had a good experience down in St. Pete.

Okay, my race report. Beth and I ran the 9th Annual Burgh's Pizza & Wing Pub 5K & 10K Runs on the Montour trail down in Washington County. It was HOT for April that's for sure. Combine that with a crushed limestone surface (instead of road), my lack of training over the last two months (ankle injury & sickness), and I knew I was going to be in for a long day. It's an out & back that's somewhat uphill out and then downhill back.

Here's the splits:
Mile 1 - 6:13
Mile 2 - 6:36 (12:49)
Mile 3 - 6:31 (19:21...just over 20:00 at the turnaround)
Mile 4 - 6:33 (25:54)
Mile 5 - 6:25 (32:20)
Mile 6 - 6:24 (38:44)
0.2 - 1:15 (40:00 on the nose)

Not pretty, but I'll take it given the circumstances. The funny part of the race is that I was ALL ALONE for the last three miles. At the finish I was 2:11 back from the guy in front of me and 1:44 ahead of the guy behind me. The people at the finish line were probably wondering what was going on during that nearly 4 minute span. Beth rocked it and finished 2nd OA female. There was some $$ for the top 3 females, so that's always a nice perk above and beyond just competing.

Once we got home, I completed the final two legs of my 'triathlon' by mowing the 3-inch tall grass and then Beth and I going out to eat with part of the $$ from the race. We went to Eat'n Park...a Pittsburgh Staple and I can't wait because the Merry Berry Month of May is just around the corner!!!

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