Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random Topics

Lots of things in my head, so I'll just throw them out there:

* Thoughts and prayers with the three police officers who were killed over the weekend. Beth and I were coming home from eating out and were able to be a part of the Route 28 procession. It was pretty moving to see all the police cars

* Speaking of the biggest sacrifice, remember Jesus and the sacrifice that he made that we are remembering this weekend

* I don't think I mentioned this before, but I gave up pop for Lent. I had one weak moment in San Diego. Other than that I've kept to it. The whole topic of lent is an interesting discussion for another day....

* The Pirates split their first four games in St. Louis. They looked better than I thought they would, but that's not saying much. More importantly, Pedro Alvarez went 3-for-4 with a HR in his debut in Lynchburg

* Arizona found their new basketball coach in former Pitt player and Xavier coach Sean Miller. It's an interesting pick and I hope he stays there a long time. Also, former U of A player/coach Josh Patsner has his first shot as head coach with Memphis. He's only 31--that's awesome.

* We're heading to Charleston, WV to meet up with Beth's family. Beth's dad is working on a bridge there and we're going to see it. We may also sneak in a WV Power (Pirates minor league affiliate) game if the weather cooperates

* I have now realized how much your knuckles are used and my dumb cuts hurt each time: getting keys out of pocket, collecting grass, is endless.

* Track has been somewhat disjoint for me with being away and this week being spring break. I'm looking forward to a good week of practice before the Butler/Hempfield Invites next weekend.

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Mira Lelovic said...

Happy Easter! Hope you enjoy your "pop" today. Our Easter is next Sunday so I'm hoping to find some leftover half-price chocolate bunnies tomorrow!
I totally remember Sean Miller! He played at Pitt when I was in school. I wondered what happened to him. Hope Arizona has a good season next year. And of course, I hope Pitt does too :-)