Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Dad Rocks

Just wanted to put in a quick post for everybody to keep my dad in your prayers on Monday. He's going to the Hospital (where Beth works) to donate one of his kidneys to a fellow church member. My dad and Bob have been going through tests since back in the fall to see if it would be a match. Everything has turned out positive and tomorrow's the day.

Beth, me, my dad, and my mom before the 2007 Pittsburgh Tri

What a selfless guy. This is simply reason number 837 out of 5,476,348,192 why my dad rocks and why I know that I am so lucky to have such a great role model. Among the other 5 billion reasons he rocks:

*A man who loves God - he's done just about everything in our church from give messages, sing in the choir, Sunday School Superintendent, compose & lead & play in musical accompaniments (he plays the trumpet), and pretty much everything else (like give people rides, money, and help out on various boards)

*A really smart dude - he just retired as a mechanical/nuclear engineer last May after working his entire career for Westinghouse (and the other companies that bought it thereafter)

*A talented musician - plays the trumpet, composes music, sings in a local music group (the Irwin Male Choir), and sings in the choir

*A talented athlete - played college baseball at Davidson College his first two years until all those crazy physics and engineering classes made him decide to hang up the spikes. He also ran track (sprints) in high school (and can STILL run a sub-70 second 400m while now qualifying for AARP), was a multiple-time league MVP in our softball league back in the 80's (and STILL plays and hits .300)

*The best dad ever - he has always been so selfless and giving of his time for me and my younger sister. He coached my little league team for a few years (although we went something like 3-29 in two years because he made sure everybody got their fair share of playing time), he's always willing to help Beth & I with our multiple home moves, willing to help out financially when I went back to get my teaching certificate (which allows me to hold my current awesome position of teacher and coach), and just SOOOOO many other things.

I'm just a lucky guy and hope I can accomplish half the life he has. Like I said, keep him and Bob in your prayers. My dad's got the 'easier' part and just needs to recover for a few weeks. Pray that Bob's body accepts the kidney and improves his health.


Jennifer Harrison said...

WOW great post and we are thinking of your dad, O. Sounds like a great man!

Wendy said...

Hey Oscar, I will definately keep your Dad in my prayers tomorrow. Please keep us posted as to how the surgery went. He sounds like an amazing man...and he's raised an amazing son, as well.

Beth said...

Well, I gotta say - I agree. Dad Shutt is one rockin' guy. :) I feel very confident in saying that he would literally do ANYTHING for ANYBODY. I don't know many people like that, that's for sure!

GoBigGreen said...

O that is a great tribute to your dad. I hope that everything goes fine with his surgery.