Saturday, May 9, 2009

Overdue Update

Hi all. Track season happened since the last post.

A couple of more weeks. It's fun, but very time consuming. Two of the jumper girls qualified for WPIAL finals, so that was exciting. We've got a good 20-25 kids total that qualified for WPIAL's this Thursday.

Next weekend we'll be heading down to Columbia, MD for Beth's next triathlon. My mom (and probably Roxy) are making the trip, too. My sister and her husband live down there as well so it should be a neat time.

Last weekend, I was part of a relay for the Pittsburgh Marathon with some people from school. My uncle was running the half and I was the first leg of my relay, so I ended up running with him and helping to pace him to an 8:46 pace half (his first ever half). His daughter (my cousin) did her first ever marathon and rocked it finishing just under 3:30.

Oh yeah, since my last post, the Pirates have won one game. Oops. For me, probably the more depressing thing is that the minor league prospects are almost all having sluggish starts to the years. At least the Pens are still in the playoffs. And, once schools out I'll make a trip or two up to Altoona to check out the AA prospects. And, my dad, sis, and I are planning a trip in July to hit a few minor league ballparks down near where she lives in MD.

Okay, back to doing all the other things that get ignored during track season.

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